• Tootips

    Place the mouse pointer over a button or a controller and wait for the tooltip to appear. All tools have their own tooltip with a detailed description and the current hotkey:

  • Inline Help

    Click on the question mark present on the top right of each UI panel.

    Your browser will open a documentation page:

  • Contextual Help

    The contextual help panel shows you the principal actions you can do in the current edition mode plus gives you a list of the current mouse bindings:

  • Youtube Channel

    Our channel is frequently updated with new help videos and tutorials:

    You may start with this UI overview video.

  • Forum

    Our forum is the reference place to post your request and bugs. It is also a great resource of Q&A on the software use:

  • Discord Server

    Chat with hundreds of others RizomUV users and get your answer in a minute (Discord is a free online tool accessible using your favorite browser):