UDims Unfold3D virtual spaces

UDim tiles layout with Unfold3D Virtual Spaces

We can’t wait to show you the WIP of Christian Frohlich that did this 10×10 UV Tiles Layout using Unfold3D Virtual Spaces:

“I have tested the beta for some days now and I haven’t found any bug yet. Its a very usable and fast app and I love it. […] as a hard surface modeler it helps a lot for a faster workflow”Christian Frohlich

Among other beta testers of Unfold3D Virtual Spaces, Ron give us his feedback:

“I’ve always struggled with UV unwrapping and I gotta say this is by far the best program I’ve used to date so far. It’s straight forward and I’m really getting used to it. I always used UVmaster before this but now I just go straight to Unfold3D VS. Great job on this program…”Ron Marchall

Ingemar Lundgren does photogrammetry projects of cursed warships, it gives his impression:

” I have tested AutoSeam (the Mosaïc feature) on a ZBrush decimated 700 000 polygon mesh and it worked great! Very impressed […] Using AutoSeam I could UV map meshes that I never thought would be possible and with minimal stretching.”Ingemar Lundgren

Join us to the beta cycle there https://www.rizom-lab.com/#betaprogram and give us your feedback on http://unfold3d.boards.net/