UV mapping Unfold3D VS

Unfold3D VS and RS beta are currently running

Unfold3D 2017 VS and RS beta are currently running before release in September.

Joshpurple installed Unfold3D 2017 Virtual Spaces and now gives us his feedback in the forum. He talked about his experiences with ZBrush Import-Export, AutoSeams, Optimize, Packing etc. All details of his workflow are here: http://unfold3d.boards.net/post/270/thread

Polarbear did its first UV maps for a photogrammetry project using AutoSeams and Disto Control features:

° Note for Unfold3D users: As a new software, people who already has Unfold3D V9 licenses and below, cannot upgrade with Unfold3D 2017 VS or RS.
Thank you for understanding.°

Rizom-Lab developers team.

Screencaps by Joshpurple and Polarbear.

Thank you!