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RizomUV Real Space

Industrial Design / Laser Texturing / Packaging Design

Indie at €29.90/m in Rent-To-Own
Pro at €59.90/m in Renting


RizomUV Virtual Spaces

Games / VFX / Animation Movies / VR

Indie at €14.90/m in Rent-To-Own
Pro at €34.90/m in Renting


RizomUV C++ Library

Third Party Application Integration



Rizom-Lab is the company owned and created by the creator of the industry standard UV mapper Unfold3D® and its algorithms.

Created in 2003 by Rémi Arquier, Unfold3D was one of the first commercial UV mappers on the market. From the get-go, it could automatically flatten UVs without stretching and distortion. It rapidly became a staple in the CG industry, used by freelancers and indies as well as in major studio pipelines. You’ll even find Rémi’s code in Autodesk’s applications, his unwrapping algorithm is currently what powers Maya®’s standard UV Mapper.

Fast Forward to today: RizomUV is on an ever-evolving path towards the perfect UV mapping toolset, capable of segmenting, flattening and packing UVs without the need for days and hours of user  intervention. We aim at speed and ease, and we do this by focusing on user feedback, honing our code, and of course, inventing new tools and touches benefitting our users. You can reap the benefits from this in one of our two standalone applicationsRizomUV Virtual Spaces or RizomUV Real Space.  In addition, we offer pipeline or software companies access to our integratable RizomUV C++ Library.

Rizom-Lab has been created in 2016,  and only sells RizomUV’s new software. We took care to listen to our user feedback, and based our licensing model on your wishes and requests.

  • Tailored pricing

    We have divided users into two categories: INDIEs who earn less than 100 000€/y, and PROs who earn more than 100 000€/y.

  • Lower pricing

    INDIE price for RizomUV Virtual Spaces is at 14.9€/m in Rent-To-Own. And 149.9€ for a Perpetual license with one year support. Virtual Spaces prices.

  • New licensing system

    Our modern licensing system now protects nodelocked and floating licenses without the need for dongles


    Each license can be locked to two different machines. Superhandy if you’re a student switching between school and home machines or switching between workstation and laptop.


RizomUV is indeed an impressive piece of software! Not only in the fundamental tools provided miles ahead of any alternatives, but the support provided is also absolutely outstanding. In my opinion, the real strength that RizomUV has to offer is the robust scripting API, which allows me to build a highly efficient workflow around the software.
Erik Sutton - Technical Artist at Fantastic, Yes
The UI is clean and intuitive. I became proficient in RizomUV in about a week, while it took me months to learn other packages. I’ve recommended RizomUV to all my friends.
Unwrapping UVs used to be tedious. Now I look forward to do it because it became fun to do, thanks to RizomUV.
My experience with their customer support has been top notch.Samuel Moreno - 3D Artist, Costa Rica
3D unwrapping can be a tedious and cumbersome process but thanks to RizomUV I actually started to enjoy it. The tool is intuitive to learn, powerful to use and comprehensive as a UV unwrapping toolkit.Paul McGovern - South West College
I hate UV’s – Not longer the case! RizomUV made unwrapping fun. It’s something I can look forward to now.Béla Csampai - Freelance
RizomUV has completely overhauled my workflow and made UV unwrapping to not be the chore that it was previously. Close developer interaction with the community also means frequent, meaningful updates for things you may have requested yourself. I can’t imagine a product I would rather use for UV unwrapping.Ian McDonell - Freelance
Must have tool in any game artist’ toolbox. Saved me tons of time during a game production. Rich hotkey customizability makes it more like an extension for your main 3D content creation tool, rather than yet another software to get used to.Vladimir Leleiva, 3D Artist at Nordcurrent
RizomUV VS made me not have to ever worry about UVs again! The Blender bridge makes it in many cases a one-click to perfect production quality solution.
Also A Class customer service and support!”Péter Józsa Jr. (freelance 3d artist, indie videogame developer)
After using this for a day I think it’s pretty obvious that Rizom Lab is the next big thing. Doing UV’s in RizomUV has become an instant must.Tyler Matthew Harris
Just three days into the RizomUV trial and I’m sold! This tool is a must have for anyone spending serious amounts of time with UV mapping.
The fact the developer listen to my feedback and requests makes me confident about their dedication and future support.Ola Haldor Solvik Voll - Qvisten Animation
Great UV’s with GREAT interface at last!Eden Exposito
First of all, your software is amazing.
The unwrapping is super clean and super easy! And it’s pretty cheap for the amount of time and work that saves.
Having tested all other tools out there for lightmaps, I must say RizomUV is the best now!Marc Garcia
I’m totally impressed by this Software!Rick Seibel‎
I really like what you all have done with RizomUV VS. It is very powerful. Well done!David Schultz - Red Storm (Ubisoft)
RizomUV Virtual Spaces is outstanding !Josh Purple
I am impressed, it would seem you have thought to everything.Olivier Gaudreau - Chainawesomegames
I’ve always struggled with UV unwrapping and I gotta say this is by far the best program I’ve used to date so far. It’s straight forward and I’m really getting used to it.Ron Marshall
Been using it since the beta started, definitely a time saver!Eric Jeffery
This software is perfect for photogrammetry users. Absolutely the best.Ingemar Lundgren
[…] I just want to say that overall it’s very, very intuitive and easy to use.Chris DeThample
I’ve been in the video game business for about 28 years now […] I’ve been a Max user since around 1995, and I started using [Competitor] in 2005. I just discovered RizomUV Virtual Spaces this week and am really blown away by how good it is. I set the limit very high but [Competitor] just couldn’t load the model. RizomUV (the beta) loaded everything without a problem, and I pack all of my shells without an issue.Dan Burke
Today was my first day using RizomUV VS, and I have to say that it is absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for creating such powerful software as it really saved me a tonne of work this afternoon.Shane Berezowski
RizomUV VS was awesome! What an incredible time saver. I love it.James Grimes
Just wanted to say congratulations, fantastic productDaniel Ripley


For support and technical questions related to the software use, please post your request to our team on our forum.

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