Cookies Policy

Version applied from 2018-05-25

Our website uses little text files, named “cookies”, placed on your computer terminal to allow the websites to run and to collect data about surfing. Different kinds of cookies:

Cookies for Internet browsing. This cookies enable our website to operate effectively by allowing access to your account or your shopping cart. Without them, our website could not run normally.

Web analytic cookies. We use “web analytic” cookies to help us track usage patterns in order to improve and manage our site.

Operating cookies. This cookies are used to custom your browsing.

How to accept or refuse cookies?
You can accept cookies use or for few, choose to disable the storage of cookies in your browser at any time. Nevertheless, some cookies are necessary to a normal web browsing, like cookies connected to shopping card or identification. You can configure your browser to be informed about cookies set up on your terminal and to choose to allow it or not.

How to change your browser settings?
– Internet Explorer :
– Safari :
– Chrome :
– Firefox:
– Opera :

Some browsers offer « Do Not Track » option that you can tick to report that you are against the cookies deposit on your computer terminal.