Technical Related Topics

The Rizom Host ID is a string of text which uniquely identifies your, or any other user’s computer to Rizom-Lab. It looks like something like this:


When you’re not using RizomUV, the string does nothing. It’s not spyware. What it does,is to provide a basis for Rizom-Lab to generate a license file to use on your computer. The string of text is unique for each computer. Therefore, each RizomUV license will be associated to at least one Rizom Host ID (you can have two per computer,  max), and the subsequently generated license file using the Rizom Host ID is what allows a computer with a current license to run the software.

If you don’t have a current license file RizomUV will show the Rizom Host ID at startup.
If you have a current license, you can find the Rizom Host ID in the Menu->Help->License Manager – it’s the text string at the bottom of the dialog

Each Nodelocked RizomUV licence file can be associated to one or two Host ID(s).

The secondary Rizom Host ID is the identifier of the second computer you wish to run Rizom UV on. So if you’re a student, you can use the same license for your school and home computer. If you’re an artist, you can have a license on your PC and one on your Mac, or one on your main and one on your secondary workstation.

However, please note that you can’t run the two simultaneously, it’s either on one or the other computer.

The secondary Rizom Host ID can be obtained just like the first one; Simply install RizomUV on your second computer and get the secondary Rizom Host ID like the primary one.

  • If you don’t have a current license file RizomUV will show the Rizom Host ID at startup.
  • If you have a current license, you can find the Rizom Host ID in the Menu->Help->License Manager – it’s the text string at the bottom of the dialog

When you buy your license in the shop,  simply enter both Rizom Host IDs to ensure they get registered.

No problem, go to your account’s license page and set up your Secondary Rizom Host ID. Then press the “DOWNLOAD” button for the license line, you’ll get a license file that will work on both computers.
No internet connection is needed to run RizomUV VS or RizomUV RS. However, you will need to use this website to purchase your license(s) and to generate a license each time you purchase or renew a license.

Please note that you can do this from a tablet or cellphone. You will need your Rizom Host IDs, and access to the website to generate the license file. So if you have one or two offline computers which will be running the software, just grab a demo, run it, note down the Rizom Host ID(s), access your cart or account page on anything internet-capable, enter them, and once the purchase is done, or the license file generated, you can just download and deploy it on the relevant computers.

If you have a valid license, please specify the folder where the license file is located, using the Help>License Manager or the License dialog, should it pop up.

License Related Topics

Yes. If you order a perpetual license, you will be able to run the software endlessly, and you will get access to new releases for a year after the purchase date.

Perpetual licenses don’t expire, however perpetual license support will.

The perpetual license will let you run the last release built before your support expires. As perpetual support equals one year, you will be able to run releases built prior to the license’s support expiration date, typically a year after the initial date of purchase date.

As an example, if you purchased a license March 01st 2018, you will not be able to run builds generated after 11:59 pm on March 01st 2019

There are two ways you can get updates or new builds after the expiration period:

1. Purchase a few months of subscription(s) For a new perpetual license, you will need to accumulate 12 consecutive subscription months.

2. Purchase a new perpetual license.

The perpetual license will allow you to run the last release built before support expiration. Since the support duration on a perpetual license is equal to 1 year, you will be able to run releases built before the anniversary date of the purchase date.
For example, let says you ordered a perpetual license the January 1 2018, you will be able to run endlessly the last release built before January 1 2019.
Unfortunately, we do currently not offer floating licenses to indies. They are restricted to Pro licenses only.
However, if this is something many users want, we may want to revisit this stance.
You can change your Rizom Host ID yourself by using your account settings, so you don’t have to contact us for this.

In order to do this, go to your account, use the “SET” button, and enter your new Rizom Host ID.

Note that the number of changes allowed is limited in order to protect us from abuse.

Unfortunately they are not. Currently only Indie licenses are Rent-To-Own.
Currently, only Indie licenses are perpetual. PRO licenses are subscription only.

Floating License Related Topics

Absolutely. However, you will have to contact us directly for that.
Please note you may have to pay an additional fee based on the amount of tokens you add, previous tokens, and time left on your subscription plan.