Payment Related Topics

No we do not support Paypal.
If you really cannot use Credit Card, you can also us Bank Transfer, but please do not use Bank Transfer for small amounts (inferior to 75 euros), as it require manual intervention from us.
Yes we are. Please refer to the previous question.

Technical Related Topics

The Rizom Host ID is a small text that identify uniquely a given computer. It look likes something like this:


Each RizomUV licenses are associated to at least one Rizom Host ID (you can have two max). And the license file which is generated using the Rizom Host ID allows to run the software on that computer.

If you don’t have any valid license file RizomUV will show the Rizom Host ID at startup.

If you have a valid license you can find the Rizom Host ID in the Menu->Help->License Manager (look at the bottom of the dialog).

Each Nodelocked RizomUV licence file is associated to one or two Host ID(s).

The secondary Host ID is simply a supplementary identifier of a secondary computer that you can use to run Unfold3D with.

For example you may have a first Host ID associated to your desktop computer, and associate the secondary Host ID to your laptop, so that you can use RizomUV outside your home.

It is however not allowed to use both licenses simultaneously.

The secondary Rizom Host ID can be obtained like the first one. Simply install the RizomUV setup on your second computer and get the Secondary Rizom Host ID like the primary one.

At the moment you buy your license in the shops simply enter both Rizom Host IDs.

No problem, go to your account license page and set your Secondary Rizom Host ID. Then press the button “DOWNLOAD” of the license line, you’ll get the license file that works on both computers.
No internet connection is necessary to run RizomUV VS and RizomUV VS. However, you will need to use this website to buy licenses and activate them each time you order some subscription months.

Also, it is not necessary to use the same computer that will run the software to buy license and activate them. Lets say you have a computer A that is connected to the internet, and a computer B that will run the software. You can perfectly buy a license using computer A using the Host ID of the computer B, get the license file on the website on computer A then copy it on computer B.

Yes, without any supplementary fees. And you can of course do also the opposite.
Please use specify the license file directory location using the license dialog.

License Related Topics

Yes. If you order a perpetual license, you will be able to run the software endlessly, and you will get access to new releases for a year after the purchase date.

Perpetual licenses doesn’t expire, however perpetual license support does.

The perpetual license will allows you to run the last release built before support expiration. Since the support duration is equal to 1 year, you will be able to run releases built before the anniversary date of the purchase date.

For example, let says you ordered a perpetual license the January 1 2018, you will be able to run endlessly the last release built before January 1 2019.

You can do it either by:

1. Buying some subscription months. You will have to accumulate 12 subscription months to get a new perpetual license.

2. Buying a new perpetual license directly.

Your perpetual license will allow you to run releases built before the perpetual license support expiration date.

For example, if you already accumulated 6 months of subscription, and you order 6 months more on January 1 2017, your perpetual license will run releases built BEFORE the July 1 2017.

No they aren’t for now. Floating licenses are available for PRO licenses only.

We may propose them in future if many people ask and if you have enough resources to help you all to setup the system.

You can change your Rizom Host ID by yourself using your license account, even without contacting us directly.

To do that follow that link and use the “SET” button and enter your new Host ID.

Note that the number of change allowed is limited in order to protect us from abuse.

No they aren’t. Only INDIEs licenses are in Rent-To-Own.
No. Only INDIE licenses can be perpetual. PRO are in pure renting.

Floating License Related Topics

Yes. You have to contact us directly for that. You will have to pay some additional fees. The amount will be based on the token count you add, the token count you had before, and the time period left of the subscription plan.