Reseller Guide

This guide will help you to manage your licenses and transfer them to the final customer.

1 New License Order

Log in and visit the Rizom-Lab’s online store. Chose the product, the type of license, the subscription time and the tokens number wanted. 

At checkout time, don’t forget to enter your coupon if you have one, then place an order and buy.

You can use a credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer. Contrary to the payment with a credit card or PayPal that is immediate, the wire transfer option will take some days, so you'll have to wait for that Rizom-Lab receive the payment before getting the licenses.

2 License Transfer

Each license must be transferred from your reseller Rizom-Lab account to your customer’s account.  If your customer hasn't any account in our system, ask your customer to create one, or create one for him using the login page after having logged out from your own account.

Once the payment is done, go to your Rizom account/licenses, you’ll see your updated license list. Choose a license you want to transfer and click on the TRANSFER button located on the license's line. Enter the customer's account email at Rizom-Lab and click on apply.

Note: At license transfer time a notification email will be sent to you, to your customer, and to the Rizom-Lab team.


This can be done be you as a reseller, or by the user himself after the license has been transferred from your account to his account (see section 2).

The Rizom Host ID is a string of text which uniquely identifies the user’s computer.  It looks like something like this:


Note: RizomUV (the software) automatically shows the Host ID at startup if no valid license is found in the defined license local folder.

To associate the license, go to the account/licenses, and click on the SET button, located in the Host ID column and enter the Host ID string.

Note: Each nodelocked license can be associated with two Host IDs simultaneously. It allows your user to run the software on two machines, for instance, his laptop, and his desktop office machine. But only one machine can run the software at a time.

Note: Each Host ID (the host ID and the Host 2 ID) can be set from your account or from your customer’s account up to 2 times without any intervention from Rizom-Lab. If the Host ID or the Host 2 ID association count goes beyond 2, instructions will be displayed to contact the Rizom-Lab team. Note also that this is possible only for nodelocked license.


The license association is usually done by the customer. Please provide the dedicated floating license installation page to your customer.


Once the license has been transferred and associated with a machine, the license file can be generated and downloaded.

To (re)generate and download the license file, go to the account/licenses, and click on the DOWNLOAD button located on the license's line.

Note: Both you, reseller, and your customer can download the license using that button.