RizomUV- Release Notes

These notes concern both RizomUV Virtual Spaces and RizomUV Real Space

13 April 2018

– New: Similarity control for all topological copy features

5 April 2018

– Fix: Poly group / Material / Object / Smooth Group dialog Selector cease to work after cut or weld in many cases

4 April 2018

– New: The positions of some UI elements are now customizable (see Edit->Prerefences)
– Fix: Slow frame rate with multiple UDims
– Fix: Transform tool blocked when using TAB key
– Fix: Dialogs have wrong size

31 March 2018

– New: Complete reorganisation of panels and UI
– New: Some optimization on display refresh rate
– Fix: Align center tool does not center
– Fix: Crash when starting app from shell
– Fix: Incorrect display of polycount

19 March 2018

– New: Flip using Left|Right|Top|Bottom selection bouding box axis or underlying tile.
– New: Advanced Auto Select Box Options

07 Mar 2018

– New: Panel titles brighter
– Fix: Clone tool (even in isolation mode)
– Fix: Crash and memory leak at exit

22 Fev 2018

– New: FULL AUTO UV modes (check the Auto Seams Panel)
– New: Color Bar with Texel Density.
– New: Projection Box and Average Normal.
– New: Polygon Magic Wand angles can be changed using ALT+MouseWheel or SHIFT+MouseWheel.
– New: Transform Mode.
– New: UI look.
– New: Mosaic is several order of magnitude faster.
– New: Texel Density can now be set in Pixel/Unit.
– Built with the 2018 FBX SDK.
– Many bug fixed.

19 Jan 2018

– New: Polygon Magic Wand
– New: ReWeld (Auto Seams)
– Fix: C4D Preset.

10 Jan 2018

– New: Improved Cinema 4D preset
– New: Faster UI (widgets only)

30 Dec 2017

– New: Mouse and Keyboard Interaction Customizer
– New: Auto Seam Box
– New: Fit to Grid
– New: UI improvments
– Many Bug fixes

23 November 2017: version 2017.0.27

– New: FBX Recycle UV Sets option (default).
– New: FBX 6.0 export and FBX ascii mode export
– New EXPERIMENTAL: Collada support
– FIX: Distribute in tile will make other islands ignored by Pack in some scenarios

15 November 2017: version 2017.0.23

– New: Pack now have its initial island scaling modes: Keep (no rescale), Keep Avg (keep the average texel density of the selection), Follow Avg (follow the average texel density of the already packed island), or target specified density. It is now possible to pack with rotation optimisation enabled and scaling disabled.
– New: Show number of days left before license expiration
– Improvement on unfold and optimize when applied on a subset of edges/polygons/points. The “freemode” is now far better.
– FIX: Pack now arrange islands correctly when orientation optimization is enabled so that the final bounding box is square. The overal result is far better.
– FIX: Cryptic display bug make the island’s not visible when oriented in its original orientation while using all rotation tools.

7 November 2017: version 2017.0.21

– Fix: MAC: Crash when opening mouse bindings dialog on certain configurations

31 October 2017: version 2017.0.19

– New: “Isolate closed” now isolate non-manifold islands (which include closed islands as well as islands having some handles)
– Fix: No tiff/ps export when using custom file path
– Fix: Crash when unfolding a primitive selection set in case the selection set include holes and hole filling is disabled.

26 October 2017: version 2017.0.17

– New: Select overlapping polygons or islands (Alt-L)
– New: Mesh holes are not filled by default
– New: Toggle for automatic mesh’s hole filling (in the Unwrap Panel)

17 October 2017: version 2017.0.16

– Invert Current Selection
– “Free vertex mode” for unfold and optimize on primitive selection set limits (Unwrap Panel)

14 October 2017: version 2017.0.11

– Auto Select Islands with PolyCount < or > to value or Area < or > value
– License Activation Dialog major update
– Ctrl-I now binded to “solate closed islands”
– FIX: Frame title license error

10 October 2017: version 2017.0.7

– PageUp PageDown change the texture tiling factor (with logarithmic increments)
– 50 is now the default texture tiling factor
– FBX format will be preselected if loaded file was FBX
– FIX: Texture map is displayed even on non float islands

02 October 2017: version 2017.0.5

– New: Relative Texel density picker and setter (In Layout Panel)
– UV 3D Fullscreen / Splitted Screen layout hotkeys (‘E’ and ‘Ctrl-E’)
– Auto seams mosaïc: new island count mode

30 September 2017: version 2017.0.2

– Static boxes tootips added
– License Manager improvements
– New links toward www.rizom-lab.com

22 September 2017: version 0.10.46

– FIX: Exception when undoing copied UV set
– Added som help button to feautures

18 September 2017: version 0.10.39

– License Manager
– Download release button open Rizom-Lab server dir.
– Cut / Weld / Import acceleration for meshes that have many islands
– Auto select Sharp Edges now has select handles and link holes toggles
– OSX: isolate flat islands has hotkey “Shift-Ctrl-H” to let “Ctrl-H” associated to OSX collapse application.
– More visible Panel Titles
– UI look improvments
– “Help on feature” for some features added.
– FIX: isolate/hide island was isolating/hidding selected islands even in other primitive mode than the island mode.

11 September 2017: version 0.10.32

– FIX: Memory checker bug: “Adress Different” is no more displayed

09 September 2017: version 0.10.27

– New: “Remove details” in auto select with Attract/Protect Map control.
– Viewport focus on selection (Alt-F) now adapt the view zoom
– FIX: Viewport rotation center.

08 September 2017: version 0.10.24

– FIX: Viewport zoom while panning in certain cases
– FIX: Viewport zoom goes behind near plane

07 September 2017: version 0.10.23

– FIX: Viewport zoom stop at a certain point
– FIX: Area selection select behind viewport’s near plane
– Viewport pivot point is now in the center of the view

05 September 2017: version 0.10.21

– FIX Saving Bug
– FIX: Viewport zoom stop at a certain point

01 September 2017: version 0.10.16

– FIX bug Error when file path is misformed

01 September 2017: version 0.10.15

– FIX Crash when creating UVSet in certain scenarios.
– Warning box when UVs data is not compatible at load

31 September 2017: version 0.10.14

– Prevent memory corruption when saving and there is no mesh loaded
– Warning if the UV coordinates count is inferior to the 3D coordinates count.

30 September 2017: version 0.10.12

– FIX crash save FBX with input OBJ file
– FIX bug when renaming current UVSet

26 September 2017: version 0.10.9

– FIX crash at load for FBX format.

23 September 2017: version 0.10.7

– FBX 2013/2014/2016 old Compat (see preferences dialog)

23 September 2017: version 0.10.6

– More control on Anti Alias in viewport (see preferences dialog)

23 September 2017: version 0.10.5

– UDims start from 1001

22 September 2017: version 0.10.4

– Weld now move vertexes toward selected edges (averaged only if both side are selected)
– Weld in cross island mode works even if only one side is selected in edge selection mode.
– Added crush mode for align
– Short path and Edge loop mode can be switched using “V” and “B” keys

18 September 2017: version 0.10.1

– Multi-UV Sets Edition
– Multi Objects handling
– FBX Multi-Objects I/O
– More than 10×10 multi-tiles allowed
– FIX: Undo after Saving generate code exception
– FIX: “Scale” work only if the islands are in the same tile
– FIX: Alt + B: caus ALL meshes to fit to the UV space, not the ones selected.
– FIX: border group layer and selection/ constrain layer are inverted

10 September 2017: version 0.9.40 (MAC ONLY)

– First OSX MAC release

21 August 2017: version 0.9.35

– FIX: Textures coordinates not loaded when OBJ file use relatives indexes
– FIX: Normals lost when OBJ file exported using relative indexes
– FIX: Load clipboard file path fail when path contains anti slashes and quotes characters.

17 August 2017: version 0.9.33

– Translation arrows in the Gizmo
– Gizmo can scale from its center (using ALT key, use SHIFT to unlink U & V scale factor)
– More accessible hotkeys for “Edge Horizontal” and “Select Parallel” and “Select Loop”.
– Main frame windows now recall its size and position at last application close
– FIX: hotkeys conflicts

10 August 2017: version 0.9.26

– Link toward beta video playlist
– Verbosed license dialog
– Help & Video should link to something other that 404

07 August 17: version 0.9.25

– Increase panel title text color contrast
– “Plus” button open close Unwrap & Layout panel. Advanced options should be displayed using another button