RizomUV- Release Notes

These notes concern both RizomUV Virtual Spaces and RizomUV Real Space

10 Sep 2018: version 2018.0.109

– New: AutoSeams Stretch Control now use a brand new algorithm and give far more robust results: no more self-overlaps and better control on the allowed stretch. (Disable “High Quality” to get faster results)
– New: AutoSeams Size Limiter. Cut too much big/long islands into smaller pieces as they can lower down the UV area usage A LOT.
– Fix: OBJ group list double after a click on “Island to Tiles”

20 Aug 2018: version 2018.0.102

– New: Revolution Shapes detection for Mosaic (useful with hard surface meshes)
– New: More viewport colors are customizable (see the preference dialog)
– Fix: OBJ File export doesn’t export (bug introduced in 2018.0.100)
– Fix: Viewport hotkeys are not saved

17 Aug 2018: version 2018.0.100

– New: UI colors and viewport colors are now customizable (see the preference dialog)
– New: Scripting, island selection and visibility flags are now exposed (Read only)
– Fix: Activation dialog now has a scrollbar when display are small

17 Jul 2018: version 2018.0.94

– New: Auto Transform Islands before welding (also known as stitching)
– New: Can load model that have UV vertex count inferior to the 3D vertex count
– Fix: Crash when using “Align island to edge”

27 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.84

– New: Topology-based symmetry detection (select one edge on symmetry plane or two edges for two island symmetry then press “Shift-S”)
– New: Stack Symmetrical part on Master or on Slave parts
– New: Symmetrical Edges are cut and welded even if the symmetric island is hidden
– New: Edges on the symmetry plane and slave polygons are now drawn/painted in green.
– New: AutoSeams Reweld can now filter islands using their dimension

19 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.76

– New: Pre-Stitch Island transform by Edge. Select a border edge, click on Pre-Stitch, the opposite island will be transformed so that it stitch to the selected edge.
– New: Rotate +/-90 and 180
– New: CheckBoard texture as enough tiles when texture tiling factor is equal to 1

18 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.75

– New: Island redistribution in Multi-Tiles (UDIMs) is now optional. When disabled, islands remains in their respective tiles.
– New: Toggle Isolate. If used with an empty selection and when there is no island underneath the mouse, it will reveal all islands, excepted the ones that have been hidden using “Hide” feature.

13 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.73

– Fix: File Data selection dialog selection is reset after any task or primitive tool mode change
– Fix: MacOS: UV Viewport is not fully rendered after a fullscreen UV

01 Jun 2018: version 2018.0.70

– New: Improvement in UV space usage when packing non similar stacked islands
– Fix: Objects file info loss when loading OBJ and saving FBX

30 May 2018: version 2018.0.68

– New: Create Group Stack on non similar islands
– Fix: Packing group stack of non similar islands create unwanted overlaps

29 May 2018: version 2018.0.66

– Fix: Hotkeys doesn’t work in the viewports sometimes.

23 May 2018: version 2018.0.62

– Fix: Splashscreen create problem with some bridges
– New: New options in command line. Try rizomuv.exe /h

13 April 2018

– New: Similarity control for all topological copy features

5 April 2018

– Fix: Poly group / Material / Object / Smooth Group dialog Selector cease to work after cut or weld in many cases

4 April 2018

– New: The positions of some UI elements are now customizable (see Edit->Prerefences)
– Fix: Slow frame rate with multiple UDims
– Fix: Transform tool blocked when using TAB key
– Fix: Dialogs have wrong size

31 March 2018

– New: Complete reorganisation of panels and UI
– New: Some optimization on display refresh rate
– Fix: Align center tool does not center
– Fix: Crash when starting app from shell
– Fix: Incorrect display of polycount

19 March 2018

– New: Flip using Left|Right|Top|Bottom selection bouding box axis or underlying tile.
– New: Advanced Auto Select Box Options

07 Mar 2018

– New: Panel titles brighter
– Fix: Clone tool (even in isolation mode)
– Fix: Crash and memory leak at exit

22 Feb 2018

– New: FULL AUTO UV modes (check the Auto Seams Panel)
– New: Color Bar with Texel Density.
– New: Projection Box and Average Normal.
– New: Polygon Magic Wand angles can be changed using ALT+MouseWheel or SHIFT+MouseWheel.
– New: Transform Mode.
– New: UI look.
– New: Mosaic is several order of magnitude faster.
– New: Texel Density can now be set in Pixel/Unit.
– Built with the 2018 FBX SDK.
– Many bug fixed.

19 Jan 2018

– New: Polygon Magic Wand
– New: ReWeld (Auto Seams)
– Fix: C4D Preset.

10 Jan 2018

– New: Improved Cinema 4D preset
– New: Faster UI (widgets only)

30 Dec 2017

– New: Mouse and Keyboard Interaction Customizer
– New: Auto Seam Box
– New: Fit to Grid
– New: UI improvments
– Many Bug fixes